Jill Buckner & Richard Mack Gallery Opening of Morocco Images

Quiet Light publishing is proud to announce a Gallery show by photographers Jill Buckner & Richard Mack.


Jill Buckner & Richard Mack Gallery Opening

Treasures of Morocco: A Sensuous Feast of Color

Join us for a uniquely exotic evening that will senses! A “taste of Morocco”.

OPENING NIGHT: Friday, November 9th 5:30-9:00 at Ysla Gallery in Wilmette.

What may have started as a mild competition while we were on assignment in Italy and Morocco became inspirational and synergistic. We were quite excited about the passion and energy which was unleashed.

It is seldom two photographers can work this seamlessly together and create one body of work with cohesiveness such as this. In some instances we do not know who shot one image or the other. Therefore in these collections, we will both sign each print. We travelled to Italy to capture the beauty of Tuscany, Florence and Venice. In Morocco we photographed in Casablanca, Marrakech and a small part of the countryside. The trip to Morocco was driven by the possibility of a book whose working title is Treasures of Morocco: A Sensual Feast of Color.

For more information or to download a PDF of the postcard invitation use this link:

Gallery Show Buckner & Mack

With less than three weeks to go until the opening I have a lot of work to do printing each image we’ve selected for the show and then getting them into the frames. Jill is in Atlanta on a few shoots for the next week which gives me the chance to concentrate on getting the prints done so we can both sign each one and then frame them.  I know we shall have everything ready by the opening but right now all you see is work as you only want the finest prints – which do take time. A print comes off the printer and you look at it with a critical eye and decide if any changes need to be made. No matter how calibrated your system is, it is much like being in the darkroom in the way you work with a print after it “develops”. Yet it is also one of the most exciting parts of being a photographer – bringing your vision into print so everyone can see your way of seeing the world. Your perspective, or in this case, our perspective!

We hope you will all come to the opening – it shall be a great night about our trip to Morocco!

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Two Photographers | One Vision

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See you on November 9th!