A New Year Brings New Potential

 Cathedral Trees, Oregon

With the beginning of the New Year we always seem to take stock of where we have been and where we want to go. I’ve decided on a few new projects for the coming year. Working on two books during the year, both of which are in the planning stage, so I am a bit reticent to discuss them as I flush them out but I intend to figure out exactly how to approach each one in the next few weeks. One is idea is on the five Great Lakes, which hold 20% of all of the worlds fresh water supply. Think about that, all the rivers, streams, creeks, pond, lakes and we here in the Midwest live within reach of a continuous body of water with 20% of all the fresh water. How will we protect it and use it in the future? The other project is on the overseas National Cemeteries. This book is really in the research phase so I am not sure it will come to fruition yet.

Patagonia - Toronado

This is also the time to make lists of places you’d like to see this year. I’ve got a list going, which seems to change daily, but it’s good to be flexible right? So here is my list of places I’d like to go this year, in no particular order.


  • Everglades National Park (in January – just a few weeks away!)
  • Southern Patagonia
  • France
  • Circle Each of the Great Lakes
  • New Orleans for Jazz Fest

Now there are many other places I would like to get back to, some I already know I will with the Quiet Light Workshops in Zion National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Love to get back to Alaska, Yosemite and even Yellowstone in winter. But there is only so much time each year so I’ll try to get to as many places as possible and be ready to change it up at a moments notice. But planning always makes a better trip so here is to the start of a great year! Hope your plans include getting outdoors and seeing the wonderful world we live in, learning new things and enjoying this life!


Boundary Waters, Minnesota 

Happy New Year!

Richard Mack