On the Road Again…Zion & Bryce NP

Well today my son Sam and I are bound for Zion and Bryce National Parks in Utah. I had hoped to be able to report on how the new Canon 1Ds III worked in real life, instead of just all of the testing you here about on other blogs. Hoped to give you a real life, in the wilderness assessment. But alas, even though I order the camera through Calumet Photographic on the first day they took orders back on August 21st, it has yet to arrive. And unfortunately, no one at Canon or Calumet can give you and answer as to when it will be shipped and available. I know Calumet has 400 standing orders to fill, and while I am in the top 100, it seems no one is willing to talk about when I might receive it.

So, in the meantime Sam and I will head of to Zion and Bryce and have a great time, using the old equipment – my Canon 1Ds which I’ve used for the last 4 years. We will try to post some images from the road, but figure that may be impossible to do as there will be limited Internet connections. We’ll have an update when we return at least.

On to the roadways of America…