Their Love of Music Dust Jacket

Their Love of Music dust jacket

Yesterday we uploaded the files for the dust jacket for our next release Their Love of Music by Steve Azzato. When you design the dust jacket many aspects come into play. Does it accurately convey the meaning of the book? Does the cover image draw in people’s eyes when it sits halfway across the store on a shelf? Can you put info on the outside which will MAKE people want to open it up, or better yet buy it!

Yes, the cover of a book is everything in some ways. I think we did a great job with this book. The image of Pinetop Perkins is perfect. It is interesting how images for every book we’ve published seem to leap out of the pile of images in the book. It is quickly obvious which image works for the cover. Then al the other aspects came into it, the book description for the back cover – along with an image back there and of course we couldn’t pick just one more for there – so we came up with this option which also makes you want to open the book to see what all the other portraits look like. And of course in this case we put the list of profiles artists.

Interestingly one of the hardest parts is the author’s bios! How do you condense a lifetime of accomplishments down to one short paragraph? Yet I guess for a book like this where each artist has one great statement on why they love music it seems appropriate to keep the bios short.

The book is about to go on press next week. Steve’s five year journey on this project is about to turn a new page. And he did it all for the love of music – and photography!

Stay tuned for more news at it develops on this book and its October 1 release – and you can pre-order the book at Quiet Light Publishing now.

Also follow the Their Love of Music Blog where we talk about the artists, profile them, put up video and music links and the latest show notes and announcements on their upcoming shows.

Richard Mack