Not about Photography or Publishing – but Biking

Sam on Bike

I want to take a small diversion today and talk about something besides photography, nature, or book publishing and tell you about a blog I know about. A friend of mine, George Zrust, and his wife Nancy, have taken up the noble cause of not using their car. Instead they bike everywhere, take pubic transportation or walk. Now Nancy seems to be the leader on this one, although George writes the blog. Nancy has been seen riding in 1 ½ feet of snow! (OK, walking it down the unplowed alley’s we have to get to the plowed street – but hey it’s winter! And yes, I know many folks ride all winter – Nancy did 700 miles between January and March) Anyway this is a great blog with lots of stories, both for the good and the bad of biking around town instead of using a car – think groceries, rain, above mentioned snow and cold!

Now I have taken to road biking in the last year or so – although not as often as I’d like – still need to commit to a Century Ride at some point – maybe next year. But giving up the car – beyond me (besides I like my Miata and the Chevy Pickup with our camper on its back) – but I applaud them!

So check it out over at it’s worth a look!

Oh, and the image above – something I shot a longtime ago of my son on his bike.

Here’s to Biking!


New Posters and Note Cards!

Sparks Lane Note Card

We are pleased to add more images from landscape photographer Richard Mack. We have added four sets of note card boxed sets to our products line along with 14 Posters from his Great Smoky Mountains collection! You can purchase all of these online at Quiet Light Publishing Just follow the Current Offering links The note cards have 12 cards – two each of six different cards along with envelopes. Sets include, Cades Cove, Rivers & Streams, Wildflowers, and a Set of Black & White images. They are priced at $18.95 per set. The posters include images from all over the park and are 24”x36”. Each is a fine art poster in and of itself. They sell for $24.95.

Little River Poster

It’s been a busy few weeks here, well actually months. After returning from Patagonia we made a trip down to the Smokies to shoot more for the book project on the park – more on that in a later post – and have also been helping a friend get her new book to market, as well as getting images to our stock photo sales sites. It seems you never have enough time to work on images after you return! That is the reason you haven’t seen much from even the Utah shoots in Zion, Bryce and Capital Reef National Parks from back in January or from the Patagonia shoots. I just haven’t had time to work on them!


We will also be announcing soon our new schedule for our Photo Workshops and trips! Stay tuned as we finalize the locations and dates for this summer’s, falls, and winter’s workshops! And if you have any thoughts on where you would like to travel to with us let us know! These workshops will include time in the field shooting and time in the class room looking at what you’ve shot and learning some tips on Photoshop and digital imaging. Stay tuned!