We received a nice mention on the GSMA Facebook Page

Yesterday I did a post of the cover image for the first day of fall on the Great Smoky Mountains Association Facebook page just to see what the reaction would be as everyone talks about how social media is where you need to be. I wasn’t real sure what would happen – partly because I mention the image is the cover of my book Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Thirty Years of American Landscapes and mentioned it could be purchased through the GSMA website. My post was then re-posted by GSMA as they put the image into their photo gallery – with one major change. They cropped out the copyright notice. Not happy about that, but I guess they don’t want to advertise other folks sites. The problem with this is that the image was then reposted by 34 people all without any indication of where it had come from. Nice that 34 folks thought it worthy to share with friends and some of those folks passed it on as well – and 234 liked the post, but now there is no way for folks to know it is from a book you can buy from the GSMA website or stores and no way for folks to know whence the image came. So, now we will see if posting to places like this works. And even if they keep cropping out the copyright I will probably try posting more images again to raise market awareness and maybe at some point some folks will say – hey I need this book!

To see the post you can use this link https://www.facebook.com/GreatSmokyMountainsAssociation and scroll down until you see the original posts.

Speaking of which – never to early to think Holiday Shopping!

Peace and Happy Fall!