Yesterday’s Sunrise


Yesterday morning I headed down to Lighthouse Beach at 5:30am to catch the Moon, Venus and Mercury lined up in the early morning sky. I had wanted to go down on Monday morning when a bit earlier in the morning you had three planets, the moon and then the Space Shuttle and Space Station, just after they separated going overhead through all four in the night sky. But Monday was cloudy. So I waited for a break in the clouds. At my house, about 5280 feet from the beach, maybe a few more, there were no clouds overhead. Yet down at the lake, the clouds hung low over the sky. I ended up seeing Venus brightly overhead in between the clouds, but never saw the sliver of moon or Mercury. And as I wrote in the last entry, sometimes you head out to photograph one thing and end up with some very fun surprises. This was the case on this morning.

I am very familiar with this beach, as I have been coming here since I was a kid. Back then it was for swimming or playing, now for the photographs. It is a small beach – only a couple of hundred yards long, and with small dunes behind them in one area. As I shot I thought about how many people might not “see” the images you can find here. They would see a nice scene and walk the beach and then leave. Yet, I see in each wave a new dimension. A new form though the lens. And when I was done with the sky and cloud images, having figured at some point I had more than enough to edit, I began looking at some of the details which the big waves left behind.


As the clouds made interesting patterns in the sky, they broke just at the horizon just enough to let shafts of light come down from above. The lake was rough with waves which provided a great foreground to the clouds overhead, or is it the other way around? The waves being the main image and the clouds being a fine background. My thought process went from shooting the planets and moon to the waves and sky. Wide open shots, to close in shots.
When you start looking at the details there is an infinite number of images to be found. At some point you think – “When do I stop?” For me it was about 2 hours after I started. I need to get home for some of the contractors working on the house. Back to reality of working, although this was being at work for me as some of these images may make it into one of my next books, a set of images on the Great Lakes. It is always an enjoyable time when I am out shooting. Whether at the local beach or in a National Park or overseas. Making images comes easily for most photographers. It is what we do.


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