About Richard Mack & the Quiet Light Publishing Blog

Welcome to the Quiet Light Publishing blog. I have been a commercial photography since 1980. I specialize in location photography for advertising and corporatations. I have shot everything from architectural projects, hotels/travel to steel mills and agricultural products. I have been doing landscape photography for myself since I started shooting in the early 70’s but it was not until 2001 I began my first book project, The Lewis & Clark Trail AMERICAN LANDSCAPES.

In 2004 I was one of the founding members of Quiet Light Publishing with our first release in 2005 of my book The Lewis & Clark Trail AMERICAN LANDSCAPES. Since then we have won over a dozen awards for photography, printing and publishing.

This blog will share my musings on publishing and photography as well as thoughts on shooting on locations along the Lewis & Clark Trail, National Parks and around the world. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to our conversations!

Richard Mack

Quiet Light Publishing