Keeping Up with a Blog

When you start a new project, you have every intention of making it the best it can be. Well, I certainly expected to be better at keeping these posts up better. But time slips away in these busy times. Lately we have been working on getting the first editions of the Limited Edition of The Lewis & Clark Trail American Landscapes books shipped to those who have purchased them recently. Since each one is put together by hand, and includes three prints from the book which are carefully printed to my exacting standards it takes awhile to put each one together. For more info on the Limited Edition please check the Quiet Light Publishing website!

We are also working again with Abbott Molecular on more corporate fine art for a newly renovated space of theirs. We’ll talk more about that in the future!

In the future I intend to post a “Photo of the Week”. That seems reasonable to me at this time, although when we are out shooting I am sometimes out of web contact, so then I will have trouble posting them. Although I hope to post a few shots from my shoot in Portugal and France in late April and early May – so watch for new postings!

That’s all for now.

Peace, Richard. or