Time to think Holiday Shopping

It’s that time of year again to think about gifts you want to give or even receive! These three fine art coffee table books by Photographer’s Richard Mack and Stephen Azzato are great ideas! Shop Now!

Richard Mack’s two books are wonderful additions for those who love our National Parks and history. The Lewis & Clark Trail American Landscapes covers the trail of the Corps of Discovery at the same time of year as the Corps passed through an area giving you a look at what they might have seen. It includes quotes from the journals of Lewis and Clark. It is also available in a Limited Edition which comes in a slipcase and includes three prints one from each year they were on the trail.

Richard’s second book Great Smoky Mountains National Park Thirty Year’s of American Landscapes is from his photograph’s of Great Smoky Mountains National Park our most visited park. Those in the park have said this is the finest book on the park.

“Richard has a sensitivity for light that’s pretty rare. He can coax a richness out of landscapes and low light conditions that you don’t see other photographers experiment with. His photographs have an emotional depth that is superior to a lot of other work. It’s the best large format photography book we’ve ever been able to offer our visitors.”– Steve Kemp

Interpretive Products and Services Director
Great Smoky Mountains Association

Stephen Azzato’s book Their Love of Music is a beautiful book which showcases portraits of 117 artists, the book takes a slightly different approach to music photography than typically seen. “The beauty of this project for me was being able to sit with a huge range of musicians and explore what drew them to their art”, says Azzato. “I was able to hear it in their voices and record it visually in their images”. In the simple quiet of a green room, without the crowds or bandmates or tour managers, Azzato’s photographs transcend the chaos of the stage and the intensity of the studio to reveal the inner spirit that drives each of his subjects.

Each of these books have won numerous photography, design and printing industry and national book awards. They make great gifts! Shop Now!

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